“At Winter Wyman we worked with Julia’s firm for seven plus years. Prior to working with Julia we had little to no PR strategy. She was able to help guide us through the various paths we could take and was instrumental in developing an excellent direction for us.

She was always a pleasure to work with and became a very key and trusted partner to our firm and we have had wonderful results from our PR efforts.

Julia would be a very valuable asset to any organization she works with.”


Bob Boudreau, CEO, Winter Wyman – Company

“I first met Julia when she was working with a fishing rod company. We came to their shop to film and she was their PR person. As soon as we met, I thought, hey, I might need someone like her on my side. Well, three years later, Julia has not only helped me to make decisions and decide on a direction for my career, but she was instrumental in advising me on key decisions with regard to key partnerships, boat shows, sponsorship deals, and many of the key ‘moves’ that made me who I am with the public today. Without Julia, I would have been lost! You need her on your team – and, she’s ‘WICKED’ nice too!”

 Paul Hebert, Reality Television Star, Wicked Tuna, National Geographic Channel

“Julia is a rare talent. She can truly listen and write. Julia is also wildly connected, which brings her value to the next level. We love working with her, and you will too!”

Daniel A. Guglielmo, Advisor, Coach and Facilitator to CEOs and Families of Wealth

“We have been working with Julia for many years and she has been wonderful. Julia and her team have delivered results for us. If you are considering working with Julia, you are welcome to contact me for further information.”

Scott Ragusa, President, Winter Wyman

“Riot PR has been very helpful in identify opportunities to expand our firm’s exposure, and has provided excellent direction in ensuring that our brand remains strong within the architectural and construction field.”

J. Arndt, Associate – Finegold Alexander Architects

“I first met Julia in a business climate ripe with new business opportunity, and she not only drove the acquisition of new clients, but also built the team and infrastructure required to service this business.

While she’s a smart strategist, a trusted colleague and senior advisor, these are only the first comments I can make about Julia’s value. For me, Julia’s mentorship and positive outlook is the secret to her ability as a communicator, and her ability to inspire people to achieve their stretch goals in ways that make them successful is a rare quality. I regularly recall her thoughts, and they continue to serve me to this day.

Julia taught me the value of effectively managing people with grace, style and encouragement, and highly recommend her as an advisor.”

Brad Reichard, Marketing Communications Public Relations Strategist

“Julia has been a collaborative partner for the past 3 years – as well as a trusted friend for many more years – assisting me with marketing and PR materials and strategies. With Julia’s expertise I have been able to create a marketing plan that has developed my signature brand and has increased my online presence threefold.”

Chris Laureano, Founder, BA6 Botanicals

“I hired Julia and her team to obtain publicity for my company, Zoe Foods. Not only did she and her team meet their annual goals in terms of the number of publicity hits they obtained, but they obtained quality hits. As a result of her team’s efforts, we continue to receive phone calls from editors interested in Zoe Foods. Julia and her team are a pleasure to work with and always go the extra mile.”

Tori Stuart, Founder, Zoe Foods