RIOT PR creates strategic communications programs specifically designed to generate results that drive your business goals. Below is a list of the services we provide accompanied by a description of how our services will help your business.

Public Relations
At RIOT PR, we prioritize the professional appearance and maintenance of the company, organization, or person we are representing. We strive to boost our clients’ credibility and further their success.

Corporate Communications
Companies need to communicate effectively in the media to ensure the brand engages in professional public or media relations. We work hard to create a strategic plan to manage and orchestrate all internal and external communications aimed at creating favorable perspective among stakeholders on which our clients’ brand or organization demands.

Marketing Collateral
At RIOT PR, we work collectively with Marketing and Sales professionals collecting the various media needed to support the sale of a company’s products. We aim to simplify sales efforts, while making efforts more effective, by redeveloping a company’s advertising message to consumers.

Digital Public Relations
Marketing is a key component to all businesses, no matter the size of the company. As every marketing channel has its own unique benefits, Digital PR will help bring your business to the forefront of your target audience. At RIOT PR, we focus on integrating the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy into your website. By doing so, we increase your brand’s online presence as we continue to build our relationships with key content writers and online journalists.

Social Media
At RIOT PR, we create social media techniques to spread brand awareness and promote a company’s products and services by targeting specific audiences and social networks. As we develop a social media marketing campaign, we ensure the brand has an optimal online presence via social media platforms, then create shareable content and advertorials. Our goal is to produce content that our online community will share with their social network increasing your brand’s exposure and broadening customer reach.

Crisis Communications
When a company crisis occurs, the need to communicate is immediate. At RIOT PR, we make it a priority to communicate with the public and stockholders when an unexpected event occurs that could have a negative impact on the company’s reputation. We strive to turn our clients’ struggles into positive outcome by developing a crisis communications plan to ensure each of our clients are prepared when a crisis does occur. A delay in response time could mean a decrease in revenue, so we make sure that all of our clients have a proper crisis communications plan tailored to his or her’s company to ensure the brand continues to remain active and successful; despite any company crisis that may occur.

Internal Communications
Internal communication takes place across all levels and units of a company, or organization. We work to develop advanced internal communications within a company to ensure the business is able to function with transparency across multiple departments. Coordination and internal communication is necessary to prevent a major source of friction within a company, or organization, resulting in embarrassment for the brand and its employers. We work closely with our clients to ensure the employees and business partners have the resources they need to communicate the same marketing and product messages to customers and prospects, so we can develop an external promotional campaign.

Ownership Transition Communications Programs
It is imperative for a company undergoing ownership transition to proactively address the change in ownership in detail to its current and potential customers; as well as, the media. A company without an appropriate Ownership Transition Plan could risk losing key employees, loyal customers, and potential clientele. At RIOT PR, we work to develop the optimal Ownership Transition Plan tailored to the client by going through the company’s history and identifying its best prospects, defining goals and discussing the unique situation with productive ideas to approach and communicate with the media.

Leadership Communications Programs
We work closely with the heads of companies to ensure their leadership communications are properly written to include the values that are rooted in the culture of the company, and the significance of key stakeholders: employees, customers, strategic partners, shareholders, etc. None the less, at RIOT PR, we make sure that our clients’ leadership communications are appropriately conveyed to the media.

Image Consulting
We strive to work closely with the heads of companies, and individual clients, to help businesses cultivate a professional and modern appearance. By changing, or updating, a companies appearance, communication skills, and behavior we can accelerate one’s career, personal and professional goals, and in business, increase overall revenue.

Product Launches
At RIOT PR, we develop product launches for both new products, and existing products, that need to be introduced in to new and different markets. We understand that a launch of the product could make or break its success in the market, so we make sure to monitor and observe customer psychologies, customer needs, number of competitors in the market, and prices driven by the market.

Small Business Kick-start Programs