RIOT PR works at the crossroads of Leadership and Communication. Our team creates public relations, crisis and strategic internal communications programs for clients that yield substantive results to drive business goals. At our best, we change outcomes. How do we accomplish your goals?


Professional Services and Corporate
Winter, Wyman – recruitment
Keystone Consulting – outplacement firm
Equity Office Properties – real estate
Gagen MacDonald Consulting
Saga Holidays – tour operator
General Mills

Health / Wellness
The Wellness Corporation
Johnson & Johnson – Leadership program communications
HIV Testing Day – NIH – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
TCMPI – The Corporate Marketplace International
California Association of Physicians
Ovations for the Cure
JFK Hospital
ProMutual Insurance – Physician training programs

Non-profit Organizations
McDonalds – Ronald McDonald House – fund-raising and awareness programs
Ovations for the Cure – Ovarian Cancer Research Organization
Made by Survivors
Hospitality Homes

Large-scale Programs ($400,000 – $1M plus)
McDonalds New England – PR, Crisis, Non-profit Activities, New Products
ReMax New England – PR
HIV Testing Day – NIH – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
National Pool & Spa Institute Cross-Country Road Tour
Citizens’ Communications – acquisition communications program

Notable Launches
Tea Forte – launch of the triangular tea bag
HIV Testing Day – commendation from first Lady Laura Bush
Disney New Amsterdam Theatre Opening on 42nd Street
ReMax Everybody Wins (WSJ – bestseller list)
ShelterMe, Juliette Fay’s inaugural bestseller
Ronald McDonald Fundraiser – placed collection boxes @drive thru windows
Six Flags New England – initial opening
Maggiano’s Little Italy – Boston – opening

South Station, Boston, Spokesperson
Boston Marathon Bombing – spokesperson for all Equity Office properties
Rowe’s Wharf – death of crew member on Red Sox owner’s boat
ElderHostel – Galapagos Island deaths of travelers
Trained by Dept of Homeland Security in trauma  and for large-scale crisis mgt

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RIOT PR creates strategic communications programs specifically designed to generate results that drive your business goals. Below is a list of the services we provide accompanied by a description of how our services will help your business.

Public Relations
At RIOT PR, we prioritize the professional appearance and maintenance of the company, organization, or person we are representing. We strive to boost our clients’ credibility and further their success.

Corporate Communications
Companies need to communicate effectively in the media to ensure the brand engages in professional public or media relations. We work hard to create a strategic plan to manage and orchestrate all internal and external communications aimed at creating favorable perspective among stakeholders on which our clients’ brand or organization demands.

Marketing Collateral
At RIOT PR, we work collectively with Marketing and Sales professionals collecting the various media needed to support the sale of a company’s products. We aim to simplify sales efforts, while making efforts more effective, by redeveloping a company’s advertising message to consumers.

Digital Public Relations
Marketing is a key component to all businesses, no matter the size of the company. As every marketing channel has its own unique benefits, Digital PR will help bring your business to the forefront of your target audience. At RIOT PR, we focus on integrating the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy into your website. By doing so, we increase your brand’s online presence as we continue to build our relationships with key content writers and online journalists.

Social Media
At RIOT PR, we create social media techniques to spread brand awareness and promote a company’s products and services by targeting specific audiences and social networks. As we develop a social media marketing campaign, we ensure the brand has an optimal online presence via social media platforms, then create shareable content and advertorials. Our goal is to produce content that our online community will share with their social network increasing your brand’s exposure and broadening customer reach.

Crisis Communications
When a company crisis occurs, the need to communicate is immediate. At RIOT PR, we make it a priority to communicate with the public and stockholders when an unexpected event occurs that could have a negative impact on the company’s reputation. We strive to turn our clients’ struggles into positive outcome by developing a crisis communications plan to ensure each of our clients are prepared when a crisis does occur. A delay in response time could mean a decrease in revenue, so we make sure that all of our clients have a proper crisis communications plan tailored to his or her’s company to ensure the brand continues to remain active and successful; despite any company crisis that may occur.

Internal Communications
Internal communication takes place across all levels and units of a company, or organization. We work to develop advanced internal communications within a company to ensure the business is able to function with transparency across multiple departments. Coordination and internal communication is necessary to prevent a major source of friction within a company, or organization, resulting in embarrassment for the brand and its employers. We work closely with our clients to ensure the employees and business partners have the resources they need to communicate the same marketing and product messages to customers and prospects, so we can develop an external promotional campaign.

Ownership Transition Communications Programs
It is imperative for a company undergoing ownership transition to proactively address the change in ownership in detail to its current and potential customers; as well as, the media. A company without an appropriate Ownership Transition Plan could risk losing key employees, loyal customers, and potential clientele. At RIOT PR, we work to develop the optimal Ownership Transition Plan tailored to the client by going through the company’s history and identifying its best prospects, defining goals and discussing the unique situation with productive ideas to approach and communicate with the media.

Leadership Communications Programs
We work closely with the heads of companies to ensure their leadership communications are properly written to include the values that are rooted in the culture of the company, and the significance of key stakeholders: employees, customers, strategic partners, shareholders, etc. None the less, at RIOT PR, we make sure that our clients’ leadership communications are appropriately conveyed to the media.

Image Consulting
We strive to work closely with the heads of companies, and individual clients, to help businesses cultivate a professional and modern appearance. By changing, or updating, a companies appearance, communication skills, and behavior we can accelerate one’s career, personal and professional goals, and in business, increase overall revenue.

Product Launches
At RIOT PR, we develop product launches for both new products, and existing products, that need to be introduced in to new and different markets. We understand that a launch of the product could make or break its success in the market, so we make sure to monitor and observe customer psychologies, customer needs, number of competitors in the market, and prices driven by the market.

Small Business Kick-start Programs


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“At Winter Wyman we worked with Julia’s firm for seven plus years. Prior to working with Julia we had little to no PR strategy. She was able to help guide us through the various paths we could take and was instrumental in developing an excellent direction for us.

She was always a pleasure to work with and became a very key and trusted partner to our firm and we have had wonderful results from our PR efforts.

Julia would be a very valuable asset to any organization she works with.”


Bob Boudreau, CEO, Winter Wyman – Company

“I first met Julia when she was working with a fishing rod company. We came to their shop to film and she was their PR person. As soon as we met, I thought, hey, I might need someone like her on my side. Well, three years later, Julia has not only helped me to make decisions and decide on a direction for my career, but she was instrumental in advising me on key decisions with regard to key partnerships, boat shows, sponsorship deals, and many of the key ‘moves’ that made me who I am with the public today. Without Julia, I would have been lost! You need her on your team – and, she’s ‘WICKED’ nice too!”

 Paul Hebert, Reality Television Star, Wicked Tuna, National Geographic Channel

“Julia is a rare talent. She can truly listen and write. Julia is also wildly connected, which brings her value to the next level. We love working with her, and you will too!”

Daniel A. Guglielmo, Advisor, Coach and Facilitator to CEOs and Families of Wealth

“We have been working with Julia for many years and she has been wonderful. Julia and her team have delivered results for us. If you are considering working with Julia, you are welcome to contact me for further information.”

Scott Ragusa, President, Winter Wyman

“Riot PR has been very helpful in identify opportunities to expand our firm’s exposure, and has provided excellent direction in ensuring that our brand remains strong within the architectural and construction field.”

J. Arndt, Associate – Finegold Alexander Architects

“I first met Julia in a business climate ripe with new business opportunity, and she not only drove the acquisition of new clients, but also built the team and infrastructure required to service this business.

While she’s a smart strategist, a trusted colleague and senior advisor, these are only the first comments I can make about Julia’s value. For me, Julia’s mentorship and positive outlook is the secret to her ability as a communicator, and her ability to inspire people to achieve their stretch goals in ways that make them successful is a rare quality. I regularly recall her thoughts, and they continue to serve me to this day.

Julia taught me the value of effectively managing people with grace, style and encouragement, and highly recommend her as an advisor.”

Brad Reichard, Marketing Communications Public Relations Strategist

“Julia has been a collaborative partner for the past 3 years – as well as a trusted friend for many more years – assisting me with marketing and PR materials and strategies. With Julia’s expertise I have been able to create a marketing plan that has developed my signature brand and has increased my online presence threefold.”

Chris Laureano, Founder, BA6 Botanicals

“I hired Julia and her team to obtain publicity for my company, Zoe Foods. Not only did she and her team meet their annual goals in terms of the number of publicity hits they obtained, but they obtained quality hits. As a result of her team’s efforts, we continue to receive phone calls from editors interested in Zoe Foods. Julia and her team are a pleasure to work with and always go the extra mile.”

Tori Stuart, Founder, Zoe Foods


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Case Studies

Riot PR, LLC is a well-established and respected boutique PR firm with deep expertise in leadership communications, public relations and reputation management for a variety of business to business and consumer companies. We provide direct senior level expertise to clients.

At RIOT PR, we conduct case studies for a variety of different company fields – business to business, consumer, health care, real estate, technology, travel. We do so in order to have an advanced understanding of each individual clients’ field, so that we can better understand our clients company and its competition. Through our case studies we develop most practical experience and tactical tools to improve the communication strategies of our clients.

As we conduct our case studies, we ask ourselves: What is the problem being solved?What strategy will solve the problem? And then how was the strategy successful and what was the outcome? At RIOT PR, we believe it is important to be critical of our own work by identifying each lesson learned and how the strategic approach may be improved next time.

Case studies provide an in-depth analysis, while simultaneously telling a story about the individual client and his or hers company. For more information, click on the following links for a brief overview of the services provided and relevant case studies – business to businessconsumerhealthcarereal estate, and technology.

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Team Members

Julia Corbett Davis || Managing Partner

“Julia has more energy to accomplish our goals than anyone I have ever known.”

Julia Davis founded RPR in 2013. Well respected in her industry for her skill at getting things done quickly and correctly, Julia’s long-term engagements include Public Relations programming for a variety of business to business, and consumer-facing clients.

Julia’s experience and grounding has been acquired through her work as a public relations agency leader, as well as having been internal communications director for a multi-national real estate and engineering corporation. Her experience in driving Leadership and Communications was acquired through her work as a public relations spokesperson and strategist, crisis expert, and internal communications director for a multi-national corporation. In her formative years she was also a newspaper reporter, ghostwriter and editor.


Jacquelyn Thrasivoulos || Senior Director

Jackie Thrasivoulos is passionate about helping companies advance their brand through messaging and integrated public relations programs that span events, web, social, email, and media channels across multiple segments such as press, analysts, partners, and enterprises.  Highly collaborative and experienced in working with cross-functional teams, she’s led rebranding initiatives as well as launches for early-stage companies and products for established Fortune 500 companies.

Recent clients include: ongoing PR and thought leadership programs and outward-facing customer marketing and channel support for B4 Consulting, ELO Digital Office Corporation USA, Focused Impressions, and Genedata; editorial support for ELO Digital Office GmbH, and PR support for Exari, Flatfy Real Estate, Finegold Alexander Architects, and Fan Manager.

Melanie Keenan || Senior Media Consultant

Melanie Keenan is a seasoned publicist with over 35 years of experience in representing a wide diversity of clients in the commercial/residential real estate, retail, legal, architecture, financial, construction, interior design, hospitality, travel, education and non-profit industries.

Most recently she was Senior Vice President of Rubenstein Associates, where over the course of 18 years in the firm’s real estate department, she acted on behalf of clients including SL Green; Isaacs & Co., retail brokerage; Robert K. Futterman & Associates, retail brokerage; Palladium (retail subsidiary of The Related Companies), launched the groundbreaking of Cityplace in West Palm Beach; Eastern Consolidated, retail investment salesheaded by lead broker Adelaide Posenelli; Faith Hope Consolo, dubbed ‘Queen of Retail’ from Garrick-Aug; the Corcoran Group, the Realty Foundation of New York, AmTrust Title Insurance Agency, attorneys Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman LLP, Studley; Costas Kondylis, architect; Tishman Realty & Construction, Plaza Construction, Young Men’s and Women’s Real Estate Organization and Mercy College among a host of others. Her vast experience management retail, residential, commercial and brokerage is unmatched in the industry, resulting in her base of well-established real estate media contacts.

Bruce Rule || Senior Writer

Bruce is a veteran editor and reporter who has covered a wide range of topics for news wires, newspapers, radio and magazines on three continents. Extensive experience in editing copy for public relations agencies, social media and companies, as well as an award-winning public speaker. Bruce holds a real estate license in New Jersey.

Bruce worked for more than 19 years’ experience as an Editor for Bloomberg where he initiated coverage of breaking news stories and developed enterprise pieces with a reporting staff of eight reporters across the country and in Canada and Mexico.

Heather Burgess || Senior Account Manager

Over the past 15 years, Heather has earned unparalleled success in public relations, event management, crisis management and corporate communications. Heather is by far the most organized, well-managed, quickest, fastest and most effective event manager, program manager, and idea developer you’ll ever find. She has served as a Senior Account Executive with RIOT for the past three years, first as our West Coast Operations Manager and now as a Senior Account Executive in our Boston office. Heather has worked with pharmaceutical, sports, business to business, real estate and consumer oriented companies and individuals to deliver results. She holds a BA in Speech Communications and Rhetoric from Syracuse University.