At the Crossroads of Leadership and Communication

RIOT PR works at the crossroads of Leadership and Communication. Our team creates public relations, crisis and strategic internal communications programs for clients that yield substantive results to drive business goals. At our best, we change outcomes. How do we accomplish your goals?

Team Leaders


Julia Corbett Davis

Managing Partner

“Julia has more energy to accomplish our goals than anyone I have ever known.”

Julia Davis founded RPR in 2013. Well respected in her industry for her skill at getting things done quickly and correctly, Julia’s long-term engagements include Public Relations programming for a variety of business to business, and consumer-facing clients. Prior to that she founded and ran TanenPR from 2003 to 2010 when she sold her Boston-based firm to KCSA in New York. She remained with KCSA until 2013 managing her former practice as the Boston office of KCSA.

Julia’s experience and grounding has been acquired through her work as a public relations agency leader, as well as having been internal communications director for a multi-national real estate and engineering corporation.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology from Boston College, and has completed Department of Homeland Security Crisis Training from Texas A&M University in larger and sporting event crisis management. She is an active supporter of various Veterans Organizations.

Julia Davis’s experience in driving Leadership and Communications was acquired through her work as a public relations spokesperson and strategist, crisis expert, and internal communications director for a multi-national corporation. In her formative years she was also a newspaper reporter, ghostwriter and editor.

Coming up through the ranks in the communications industry and function, Julia developed an affinity for breaking down technical jargon into sound bites for use in press communications, articles, and books. Combined with her distinct and commanding presence she has helped corporate leaders develop communications.

Long-term engagements include Crisis and Public Relations programming for Equity Office Properties, internal communications projects for Johnson & Johnson, ongoing PR and Crisis for Finegold Alexander Architects, Winter Wyman, Keystone, Essex, and public relations projects for HoneyDew Donuts.

Recent clients include: ongoing PR, internal communications and crisis management for Equity Office Properties; internal communications projects for Johnson & Johnson; ongoing public relations for Finegold Alexander Architects, Winter Wyman, Keystone Partners and Essex Partners; Hospitality 3 (The Study Hotels) and Panepinto Properties.

Past agency clients include SIGA, Soda Stream, Vision Service Plan, Cooperative of American Physicians, BrassMonkey, Genesis Lease, MerrillDataSite, Franklin Mint, Generation Mortgage, Capital Business Credit, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s HIV Testing Day, CardScan, ZoomInfo (formerly Eliyon Technologies), Cable Design Technologies, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Gazelle Systems Software, Emmes Capital, Vitts Networks, ProMutual Group Insurance, Raytheon, Fitch Inc., Essential Design, Citizens Communications (formerly Citizens Telecom) and Braun (now Gilette). Major international consumer clients have included McDonalds, General Mills, ReMax, Saga Holidays, National Spa & Pool Institute, Covent Garden Soups and Elderhostel