Valora technologies: product launch & ongoing publicity program

RIOT PR was retained by Valora Technologies to develop an actionable public relations and positioning strategy to support Valora Technologies’ mission to promote their automated document encoding solutions for litigation support. The challenge was to create awareness in the legal community, media and general business audience about the technology, its speed and effectiveness, the fact that the company is US based and the work is done by English speaking college graduates.

We effectively built brand awareness for Valora Technologies by implementing a sustained targeted media relations program. Though this effort, the firm’s competitive distinctions were personified through its positioning as a respected and easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that is fast-becoming a driving force behind legal successes and new document encoding trends, landing placements in, Boston Business Journal, Boston Herald, Boston Womens Business, Mass High Tech, Law Firm, Inc., Legal Management, Of Counsel, Law Technology News, reaching more than 9 million media impressions. Valora also doubled the footprint area of its corporate headquarters when it moved from Waltham to a bigger office in Burlington and plans to open an office in Washington D.C. next month to service its exploding government sector business, including the renewal earlier this year of a major contract with the United States Department of Justice.

Cardscan: success with a “not so new” product launch

In the movement from paper to electronic contact databases, technology start-up CardScan was early to market with a first in its category scanner/software system which imports business cards into a computer or PDA. With the advent of its successive release of the v 6.0 with only a few feature improvements, CardScan needed a credible national debut to press and analysts that would convince editors that CardScan v 6.0 was something new.

Gone were the days when the earlier v 5.0 enjoyed market solitude, so with a strategy which harkened back to CardScan’s initial leadership, ease of use and reliability, RIOT PR achieved 66 targeted meetings with top-tier business and technology reporters as well as syndicated columnists who wrote glowing product features. Thereafter we were re-engaged to promote v 7.0’s web-enabled release which extended its usefulness to the web and mobile phones. While this was a new and never-before-seen feature for the maturing category, it was even smaller in comparison to those changes offered with the CardScan v 6.0 media tour.

Nonetheless, a successful media campaign yielded more than 33 meetings, with coverage of the update. CardScan remains the leading scanner software product on the market.

Captains of industry: business development

In early 2005, Captains of Industry in conjunction with ThunderSky Pictures produced a widely watched, hilarious five-minute video starring the infamous former Monty Python star John Cleese entitled, The Institute for Backup Trauma.

Viral videos are short films released over the Internet that are irreverently entertaining and become so popular that they spread across the web like a “virus” generating mirror links and downloads. This pull strategy allows companies to turn websites into virtual television networks, and to benefit from the infective viral spread promulgated by the Internet. While the John Cleese video quickly swept to 300,000 downloads, attribution for Captains of Industry’s role in the production was nil, topped by LiveVault, the company’s client.

Recognizing this to be a one-of-a-kind business development tool, Captains of Industry sought RIOT PR’s web-savvy team to generate more buzz on the web. We generated print media hits both locally and nationally, and also generated over 50 Internet website hits that created a new resurgence of download activity on the Internet. One article posting alone created a new surge resulting in 75,000 downloads. As a result, the Captains of Industry team received due credit, and landed many new significant Viral Video and Internet Video projects for Fortune and Forbes companies.