Team Members

Julia Corbett Davis || Managing Partner

“Julia has more energy to accomplish our goals than anyone I have ever known.”

Julia Davis founded RPR in 2013. Well respected in her industry for her skill at getting things done quickly and correctly, Julia’s long-term engagements include Public Relations programming for a variety of business to business, and consumer-facing clients.

Julia’s experience and grounding has been acquired through her work as a public relations agency leader, as well as having been internal communications director for a multi-national real estate and engineering corporation. Her experience in driving Leadership and Communications was acquired through her work as a public relations spokesperson and strategist, crisis expert, and internal communications director for a multi-national corporation. In her formative years she was also a newspaper reporter, ghostwriter and editor.


Jacquelyn Thrasivoulos || Senior Director

Jackie Thrasivoulos is passionate about helping companies advance their brand through messaging and integrated public relations programs that span events, web, social, email, and media channels across multiple segments such as press, analysts, partners, and enterprises.  Highly collaborative and experienced in working with cross-functional teams, she’s led rebranding initiatives as well as launches for early-stage companies and products for established Fortune 500 companies.

Recent clients include: ongoing PR and thought leadership programs and outward-facing customer marketing and channel support for B4 Consulting, ELO Digital Office Corporation USA, Focused Impressions, and Genedata; editorial support for ELO Digital Office GmbH, and PR support for Exari, Flatfy Real Estate, Finegold Alexander Architects, and Fan Manager.

Melanie Keenan || Senior Media Consultant

Melanie Keenan is a seasoned publicist with over 35 years of experience in representing a wide diversity of clients in the commercial/residential real estate, retail, legal, architecture, financial, construction, interior design, hospitality, travel, education and non-profit industries.

Most recently she was Senior Vice President of Rubenstein Associates, where over the course of 18 years in the firm’s real estate department, she acted on behalf of clients including SL Green; Isaacs & Co., retail brokerage; Robert K. Futterman & Associates, retail brokerage; Palladium (retail subsidiary of The Related Companies), launched the groundbreaking of Cityplace in West Palm Beach; Eastern Consolidated, retail investment salesheaded by lead broker Adelaide Posenelli; Faith Hope Consolo, dubbed ‘Queen of Retail’ from Garrick-Aug; the Corcoran Group, the Realty Foundation of New York, AmTrust Title Insurance Agency, attorneys Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman LLP, Studley; Costas Kondylis, architect; Tishman Realty & Construction, Plaza Construction, Young Men’s and Women’s Real Estate Organization and Mercy College among a host of others. Her vast experience management retail, residential, commercial and brokerage is unmatched in the industry, resulting in her base of well-established real estate media contacts.

Bruce Rule || Senior Writer

Bruce is a veteran editor and reporter who has covered a wide range of topics for news wires, newspapers, radio and magazines on three continents. Extensive experience in editing copy for public relations agencies, social media and companies, as well as an award-winning public speaker. Bruce holds a real estate license in New Jersey.

Bruce worked for more than 19 years’ experience as an Editor for Bloomberg where he initiated coverage of breaking news stories and developed enterprise pieces with a reporting staff of eight reporters across the country and in Canada and Mexico.

Heather Burgess || Senior Account Manager

Over the past 15 years, Heather has earned unparalleled success in public relations, event management, crisis management and corporate communications. Heather is by far the most organized, well-managed, quickest, fastest and most effective event manager, program manager, and idea developer you’ll ever find. She has served as a Senior Account Executive with RIOT for the past three years, first as our West Coast Operations Manager and now as a Senior Account Executive in our Boston office. Heather has worked with pharmaceutical, sports, business to business, real estate and consumer oriented companies and individuals to deliver results. She holds a BA in Speech Communications and Rhetoric from Syracuse University.