Crisis Management

South Station, Boston
South Station, Boston

Julia Davis has served as the official media spokesperson for South Station on behalf of Equity Office from 2011 to 2015. Acting as the spokesperson as well as the crisis management consultant for the Station, Davis is responsible for all media inquiries, press stories, and crisis communications.

As part of this work, she managed communications during the Occupy Boston Movement, when members of the group camped in the adjacent lot and frequently used the Station for restroom, phone charging and respite. Davis worked with reporters to ensure that they were up to date on the activities within the station. This was a sensitive situation given the fact that the Station is a public space, and while the Occupy Boston “protesters” needed to be monitored, the EOP team did not want the view of the situation cast in a negative manner to the public.

For all public relations or crisis communications work with South Station, Davis works with the entire South Station team, including Equity Office (land lease holder on South Station), the MBTA, Amtrak and other groups to develop group consensus, and advise on media strategy and statement development.

Equity Office, Marathon Bombing

RIOT PR managed all crisis media relations during the Marathon Bombing and served as liaison to the media on behalf of South Station, Rowe’s Wharf, 500 Boylston, as well as all of EOP’s (Equity Office Properties) downtown office buildings. Julia Davis, spokeswoman for South Station on behalf of Equity Office, advised EOP on strategy and then executed with media messaging. In addition, RIOT PR provided Twitter and social media monitoring during the week of the crisis so that the team was completely aware of all events occurring during the crisis. The net result: EOP’s properties near the bombing were kept out of the media, EOP personnel were not directly questioned by the media, and Davis was able to provide helpful statements to the media when needed to assist them in shaping their stories about this momentous and tragic event.

Rowe’s Wharf, Boston
Rowe's Wharf, Boston

RIOT PR served as a crisis advisor to Rowe’s Wharf and/or the Boston Harbor Hotel on a regular basis. We provided press outreach, press support and crisis communications when necessary for the Wharf and the Hotel.

Recently we worked with the Rowe’s Wharf team on the highly publicized death of one of the crew John Henry’s boat, which was docked at the Wharf. Our mission during this crisis was two-fold – to protect the integrity, image, name and reputation of the Wharf and the Hotel, as well as to protect the interests of the deceased and his family. Our onsite presence ensured that the media was unable to photograph the boat or the body as it was taken away by the medical examiner. RPR worked with the staff of the Hotel and the Wharf to control the media. Our strategy was to defer them to the Red Sox and the Boston Police Department for a statement. In addition, we created a human barrier so that the body of the deceased could be taken by the medical examiner without being photographed. Successfully, the story appeared minimally on television and in the news media. Equity Office, Rowe’s Wharf and the Boston Harbor Hotel did not appear in the stories.