The non-profit National Spa & Pool Institute approached us with the following question: Despite a booming economy, hot tub sales have been declining at a rate of 3 percent per year. How can we boost sales and at raise public awareness of the health benefits of spas?

We interviewed 100 spa owners about the health and relationship benefits of owning a spa (hot tub). Based on the results, which included improving face-to-face time for families, we created the $350M nine-city NSPI North American Cross Country Road Tour-Luvin’ the Tub.

Themed as a “family fun” luxury item that improved both relationships as well as sleep, energy levels, heart rate, back pain and overall health, the road tour stopped in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia and New York, with fantastic events and interviews at major radio, television and print outlets in each city.

Story lines included statistics and themes: “Hot tub as a marriage counselor,” “On vacation? There’s no place like home,” and “Making family life more fun: the news on hot tubs” and helped put the campaign coverage over the top.

An outreach effort to the top 25 major DMAs landed hits in every major media outlet including radio, television, and newspapers from the Boston Globe, New York Times, Denver Post, LA Times, Houston Chronicle, Orange County Register, to the Arizona Republic. Campaign hits totaled 85 million and overall industry sales grew 5%.