Is Your Social Media Program Working for You – Or Wasting Your Time?

Survey Monkey recently published the 20 most downloaded apps. The top five most downloaded apps are: Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and Color Switch. The top 5 most USED apps are Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, Google Maps, and Play Store. So – who cares about these apps? Well, what this study tells us is that these apps are being used extensively be certain populations, and therefore they do represent an opportunity to…


What Constitutes Crisis?

Do you remember the Tylenol crisis? 7 people were murdered by unknowingly taking tylenol that was laced with potassium cyanide in the Chicago area in 1982. While the perpetrator and the motive remain unknown, the deaths were due to drug tampering. Did Tylenol go under? Certainly not. The drug maker was prepared for a crisis and took immediate action – pulling all Tylenol products off the shelves. Drug maker Johnson…